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The Picky Eater Goes to a Woefully Coastal Town

As much as I’d like to pretend that I haven’t been writing any new posts for weeks because I’ve been on vacation all this time, it would be a lie. The truth is I really haven’t tried many new foods this summer.

I found out I really like pineapple (go me!), but I didn’t really have much else to say about the subject so I spared you all from what would have been a very boring read.

However, I actually was on vacation this past weekend in Bar Harbor, Maine where I tried too many new foods if you ask me. Bar Harbor, being on a harbor and all, has a plethora of seafood at its disposal, which meant that I had a lot of new foods to try that I really didn’t want to try.

Lobster Pizza...DUN DUN DUN...

Lobster Pizza…DUN DUN DUN…

Let’s begin with the lobster pizza. This was a particularly bad experience for me because it involved three or four cameras flashing in my face and lots of people eagerly awaiting my verdict (I probably should have mentioned that I went on vacation with The Picky Eater Chronicles’ biggest fans). Honestly, they were like paparazzi fighting over the money shot (LOVE YOU GUYS!). Anyway, the lobster was really chewy and combined with the cheese I was just really grossed out, it took me about ten years to swallow one bite, and I was most certainly not left wanting more. Basically, the lobster pizza had me feeling like a nauseous Justin Bieber (’cause of the paparazzi, not because anyone tried punching me in the face or because it inspired me to put out my own line of nail polish).

It's like the pizza is coming for me in this picture

It’s like the pizza is coming for me in this picture

Sheer terror.

Sheer terror.

Next was New England clam chowder. ‘Twas yummy. Even the clam part. I was terrified to try it. It actually took me two days to build up the courage, and even then I think I was peer pressured into it. But it worked out for the best, and I would probably try it again so I’d saying I’m making waves in my seafood diet (LOL at ocean puns).

So nice and harmless compared to the pizza

So nice and harmless compared to the pizza

To keep on the soup theme I also tried some of my mom’s lobster bisque (except I obviously was not about to try any of the lobster in it after that pizza fiasco). I decided if I poured that over some pasta it’d be really yummy (again, sans lobster, obviously), but I wouldn’t want it as a bowl of soup. Then again, there are very few things I would want as a bowl of soup except for ice cream and now maybe clam chowder (as long as it’s a small bowl–baby steps).

Sweet action shot, Laura

Sweet action shot, Laura

I know what you’re thinking: surely, this blog post must be coming to an end. WRONG! I wasn’t kidding when I said there was a plethora of foods to try. However, I can feel you getting bored and slowly moving your cursor to the Facebook tab of your browser so I’ll make this quick…

Scallops: gross.

Peas: not so much. Pretty tasteless. I liked ’em.

I ate something that was green and a vegetable. I'm awesome.

I ate something that was green AND a vegetable. I’m awesome.

Last but not least, we ate breakfast at our favorite pancake house in Bar Harbor, Jeannie’s where I tried their homemade strawberry rhubarb jam. Honestly, I liked it but don’t have much to say about it. I wouldn’t have even included it in this post except I’m really proud of the picture I took of it and needed somewhere to put it. It’s very rare that I take a nice looking picture–I had to seize the opportunity.

I think with all the things I tried in one weekend I just bought myself a few more weeks of vacation time from being an adventurous eater, especially considering how many of those things came from the ocean. So if you don’t hear from me for awhile it’s because I’m still recovering from the lobster pizza.

TRY and tell me that's not a good picture!

This is as good as photography gets for me