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The Picky Eater is Back with a Vengeance

The Picky Eater is back by popular demand (that’s actually only half a joke)! My biggest fan (Mama Lina, you know I’m talking about you) insisted on my trying new foods the last two times I saw her for the sole purpose of me blogging about it. So here’s how I did:

1. Fried calamari with tartar sauce

2. Rice balls

3. An assortment of fruit

OK, so technically I’ve tried fried calamari once before, but never with tartar sauce. In fact, I never actually knew what was in tartar sauce until about six seconds ago when I googled it. I still don’t fully know because I stopped reading the sentence after “mayonnaise-based”. I feel dirty. It now sickens me to admit that I actually kind of liked it. I ate multiple pieces of sqiud dipped in the MAYO-BASED sauce. Ugh, I need to shower. **

That's shrimp and mayonaisse, folks (and I ate it)

That’s shrimp and mayonnaise, folks (and I ate it)

Tartar Sauce Pic 2

I’ve also technically tried rice balls before (so far this is proving to be a pretty lame post, huh?). Every Thanksgiving we go to our neighbor’s house before dinner, and being an amazing Italian cook, she always has a huge spread of food out as “appetizers”. She makes rice balls every year, and I always eat exactly one. I definitely don’t dislike them. But I’m also pretty sure I only eat them because (1) I want to be polite and (2) everyone else raves about them so I know I’m supposed to like them. Well anyway, I tried a rice ball again the other day and actually loved it–I even went back for more (have you noticed that I measure if I liked something or not by if I agreed to go near it again?) So yeah, I look forward to next Thanksgiving so I can give rice balls another shot.

See what I did with the zero and the rice ball? Tee hee :>

See what I did with the zero and the rice ball? Tee hee :>

My body has consumed more fruit this week than the past year combined because of all the fruits I tried for the first time. First there was a blueberry (yes, one single blueberry). I gave it a second shot after trying one in Ireland, and I can now conclusively say that I DO NOT like blueberries. I’m sorry everyone– I tried, I really did.

Next I tried a kiwi. I honestly don’t even remember what it tasted like, but I’m pretty sure I liked it. Mama Lina told me it wouldn’t have much of a taste, and we all know that’s my comfort zone, so I guess it’s no surprise that it went well.

Look how the sun so conveniently spotlighted the kiwi and blueberry. Thanks Sun, Mr. Golden Sun.

That’s a kiwi and a blueberry that the sun is so conveniently spotlighting

Then, last night, I tried a piece of papaya and mango (I know, things are getting crazy here at The Picky Eater Chronicles). The papaya was pretty good, actually. I also felt very tropical and exotic for eating it, so I think that helped. The mango, not so much. I really can’t remember why so I can’t give a nice description of what turned me off of mangoes, but I know that I am most definitely turned off! No more mangoes. I feel comfortable with this declaration having just said that I like papaya– seriously, I feel way too proud of that.

The pasta salad containing the papaya (YAY) and the mango (BOO)

The pasta salad containing the papaya (YAY) and the mango (BOO)

Shout out to the lady who made this post happen, Mama Lina. LOVE YOU GIRL COULDN'T DO IT WITHOUT YOU

Shout out to the lady who made this post happen, Mama Lina. LOVE YOU GIRL COULDN’T DO IT WITHOUT YOU (P.S. that’s her making me a plate of foods to try– I wasn’t kidding about her making this happen)

**CORRECTION: The original post said that calamari is shrimp which I KNOW IT’S NOT! Needless to say I’ve corrected it and am eternally embarrassed. Thank you, Laura, for pointing it out and for being SO COOL ABOUT IT! -_-