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The Picky Eater Goes to Portugal

After eating my way through Madrid, I made my way to Lisbon, Portugal. Surprisingly, most of the restaurants we found were either “American” restaurants (they had hamburgers) or Italian restaurants. The only real Portuguese food we could find was seafood, and I ain’t going down that road just yet.

So most of our meals were ordinary, nothing special. I had chicken fingers and french fries one night and was very happy about it. Another night I had pizza and was equally pleased. We also ate at McDonald’s one night. That one was bad, I admit. I probably liked Lisbon’s food most out of everyone because we ate such boring stuff.

But then there was dessert. While in Sintra, Portugal, we went to a bakery called Fabrica Das Verdadeiras Queijadas Da Sapa (they should really work on that name) where we had three traditional Portuguese pastries. And then life was never the same again.

Our three desserts: Pasteis de Nata (bottom-right), custard (bottom left), sugar cake (top)

Our three desserts: Pasteis de Nata (bottom right), custard (bottom left), sugar cake (top)

First there was the plain custard. It was just a few bites of sweet custard in a little muffin-tin shape. It was wonderful. Also, it was fun to poke with a fork because it was really bouncy. So that was nice.

Next was the Pastéis de Nata. This is the pastry that everyone says you have to try if you’re going to Portugal. Everyone was right. It’s that same custard from above but baked into a pastry shell. So more butter and sugar and flaky goodness, basically.

Last we had a small pound cake-type pastry with cinnamon sugar (but mostly sugar) on top. It was so simple and yet so wonderful. I’ve never enjoyed three chocolate-less desserts so much in my life. I didn’t even know I had it in me. Apparently all it takes is a shovel full of sugar. Good to know.